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Technical Information

Geo Tec knowledge base – useful information about laser measuring technology

As specialists in the field of laser measuring equipment we would like our customers to benefit from our many years of experience, providing you with useful explanations relating to various topics in the field of laser technology. This will make using our instruments easier, safer and a more profitable experience.

IP Protection class according to DIN EN 60529

The degree of protection of an instrument’s housing is defined by the indicator “IP” (Ingress Protection) followed by a two-digit code.First digit: Protection against solid particles Second digit: Protection against water

geo-FENNEL F6 Two-way Radio

The F6 is a PMR 446 channel (Private Mobile Radio) licence free Two-way Radio and works between the frequency band 446–446.1 MHz. The PMR (Private Mobile Radio) 446 service has been introduced following the adoption by the CEPT/ERC1 of the Decisions ERC/DEC/(98) 25, 26 and 27.

This type of radio can be used by anyone anywhere in the EU registration area totally fee free. They can have a maximum RF Output power of 500 mW and have an approx. maximum range of 5 km.

geo-FENNEL – Product functions

geo-FENNEL lasers have many features which help to carry out safe and comfortable work on construction sites. Some of these features are explained below.

Automatic TILT Function
This is a measurement safety function. If the level of the instrument is disturbed it will re-level itself (within the self-levelling range of 5°). If the level is disturbed at a large range (for example if a tripod leg has moved) a height offset can be caused. This will be avoided by the TILT function. The instrument will shut off even within the self-levelling range. This function is activated automatically after the self-levelling procedure is completed.

Vibration-Wind-Security (VWS)
This is also a measurement safety function. It allows continuous operation during periods of vibration and wind. If a significant movement occurs the laser stops rotating and the laser beam is flashing. The VWS-Mode is combined with the automatic TILT Function.

Li-Ion battery technology
This technology has great advantages when compared against alkaline and NiMH rechargeable batteries: - 100 % power until fully discharged
- Top-up charging possible as no memory effect will occur
- Low self discharge then not in use

Zonal control
Zonal control with electronic beam screen avoids spurious measurements caused by crossing laser planes and reflections. Furthermore it greatly increases site safety.

Remote control function
The remote control function can be switched off to avoid interference from other instruments that are being used on the same construction site.

Laser classification according to DIN EN 60825-1:2014

geo-FENNEL laser products are classified into either laser class 2 or 3R.
Their laser class is specified in our technical data.
Please refer to the latest version

Instruments with laser class 2
The laser product can be used without further safety precautions (the relevant safety instructions are described in our user manuals). The eye is protected by the normal human aversion response and the blinking reflex of the human eye to a bright radiant source.

Instruments with laser class 3R

The legal requirement for using laser class 3R products varies from country to country. The user is responsible for compliance to the national standards and regulations. The use of laser class 3R products may require registration with a local authority and the appointment of a health and safety operative.

Special protection measures may be necessary as laser class 3R products have a higher laser output power. The positive effect of this is to increase the performance of the products for long range reception with receivers and improved visibility when using without a receiver.

geo-FENNEL offers various rotating and pipe lasers with laser class 3R.

Lasers with red or green laser diode

The human eye can see the different wavelengths (measuring unit ‘nm’) of the visible colour spectrum in different intensities. The optimum is at 555 nm. Green light is situated in the middle of this range and can be perceived much higher compared to red light.

Therefore green lasers have benefits when used without a receiver.
The visibility is much better when working in a bright environment, over long distances or on dark surfaces.

Previously the disadvantages of green lasers were a limited temperature range, shorter battery life, the laser class classification, as well as the significantly higher price.

geo-FENNEL have now introduced an innovation in the field of rotating lasers: The rotating lasers FLG 240HV-Green and FLG 260VA-Green are equipped with advanced laser diode technology offering the following advantages:

- Fully usable temperature range of -20 °C to +50 ° C (the same as red laser diode)
- Classification in laser class 2 due to special control electronics
- Equal or slightly better visibility compared to the previous laser class 3R version.

Due to the laser class 2 classification the laser can be used without any regulatory complications on all construction sites.